Unsurprisingly, as a result of spending so much time at home during lockdown, many people are deciding to undertake home improvement projects. Your living space is important and many people have realised that, rather than put off jobs, they need to create somewhere they feel totally at home in. But even if your principal reason for improvement work is for your own comfort, taking the time and trouble to do it will add value to the property.

This means there’s no excuse not to get started! Whether you’re planning to upsize or downsize in the next few years, there’s work you can do now that will add more value to your home than it will cost. This means you can fully justify creating a beautiful home for yourself, even if you’re not planning to stay long, as it could give you a generous return on your investment.

One estate agent has suggested several ways that he believes can increase your property’s value – if you undertake them all, you could increase the value by around a half! Although if you’re going to spend that much attention to your home, you probably wouldn’t want to move at all!

Loft conversion

Turning the loft into a usable room could add around 15% to your property – and now that so many people are planning to work from home on a more permanent basis, who knows how valuable a loft conversion will turn out to be. Depending on your home, the amount of work you’re planning, and how much work will need to be done on the roof, you may need to get planning permission. However, permission is not needed for work that does not amount to ‘development’ (such as certain interior alterations and building operations that do not materially affect the external appearance of a building), so you could begin the conversion process as soon as possible.

New kitchen

The biggest jump in value would be to install a new kitchen, which could add as much as 20%. As the focal point of any home, a kitchen that’s highly functional and ready for use is very appealing to potential buyers. Redecorating other rooms is a fairly simple job, but when it comes to kitchen renovations, buyers know it’s definitely worthwhile paying the extra for a property that won’t need any work for a long time to come. However, beware of being too trendy when you’re choosing new units, tiles and flooring – it might look stylish today, but when it’s out of vogue tomorrow, it could lose you £5,000 on your house sale.

New bathroom

A new bathroom will contribute less to your property’s value than a new kitchen, but it can still add around 5%. So if yours is in need of some TLC or is out of date in terms of style (dare we even mention the words ‘avocado suite’!), replacing it now will make you money rather than lose it on your property’s sale.

A new extension

If you need extra space now, then a new extension is a good investment. The Property Advice Network estimates that adding a single storey extension to your property can increase your home’s value by 5-10%. If you combine this with a new kitchen, then not only will you have a great space to use for the rest of your time in the house, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that the expense and trouble gone to will be rewarded when you sell up and move. A win-win!

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